Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's UPS random sh*t to people for no reason #1

I am bored. Let's UPS random shit to people for no reason. Here's how it works. I will gather stupid random items from my house and send them to the person of your choice along with an autographed Dead Squirrel photo and a note that reads BECOME A FAN OF DEAD SQUIRREL. Then we can all wait and see if this person ever becomes a fan. You should not tell the person that we are doing this.The box should show up at their home or work without them having a clue what this is all about!

This week I will mail: A banana, glass cleaner, a trick tooth paste spill-thing from Spencer Gifts, an old lottery ticket, hot sauce from KFC, a $1 poker chip from the Excaliber in Las Vegas, an AA battery, a three sided highlighter that is dried up, a cow that gets wiggly legs when you press a button, a fake $5 bill, a plastic stethoscope, a book called Managerial Moment of Truth, a rubber dress that a dog ate part of, an old window envelope and some confetti.

The first person that comments and says YES I'M IN is the winner. Once you have made the comment just send me your friend's name and address to I will UPS the crazy box on Monday.