Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Important Note from Dead Squirrel's Publicist

Hello Dead Squirrel Fans, this is Jerry Diamond ... Dead Squirrel's Publicist. The main part of my job is to follow Dead Squirrel around and say things like "The Sky is the limit." Right now, however, I need your help.  I am trying to implement stage two of Dead Squirrel's massive publicity campaign. (Stage one was the press release of his shocking arrest ... noted on the Feb 5 post).

There is a contest in a local newspaper, The Shepherd Express. They are doing their First Annual Best of the Web. Will you please Vote for Dead Squirrel for Best Personal Blog. Simply go to: and vote for Dead Squirrel under Personal Blog category (

*There is an Awards Ceremony and if Dead Squirrel wins I promise to bring a production crew and video tape the event for the first ever Dead Squirrel You Tube Posting! This will be a wonderful and thrilling spectacle! I hope Dead Squirrel does not hang around Charlie Sheen again at this event!

You need to list at least 4 other websites, blogs etc. If you need some local insight ... a few other local websites and blogs are: 88.9 Radio Milwaukee website, AJ Bombers local twitter nut, WTMJ local tv station website, and Village Spillage is a local news blog. 

Thank you for your support!

Jerry the Publicist

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