Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Prank Call Ever

This is my brother Frank. He is pretty much an ass and I am mad at him. Even though I once peed on his head in a little blue plastic pool when we were kids ... I just don't feel like this is enough. I am forced to work with him every day. While I get in to work at 7:30 AM ... he casually rolls in at noon or 1 PM, with Starbucks in hand. Pretty frustrating. Please help me make this boring, dreary day a bit brighter with some silly nonsense. Can you please call him on his cell phone as soon as you are done reading this, and when he answers, or if it goes to his voice mail just say "Dead Squirrel says Get To Work!" and then hang up! Let's give him hundreds/thousands of calls!! Please ask any/all of your friends to help ... post it online, re-tweet, or do whatever we have to do to have his phone ring off the hook. Please call him at all times of the day. His cell # is 414-378-7185.
*Don't sit around and passively let your life go by. Don't be a boring poop!! Participate! It will be fun!!! Can an I-Phone explode from overload? Let's find out. I am counting on your guys to make this crazy-fun!

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